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  45. Anna Gidora
    Anna Gidora was born in Sumy, Ukraine. She graduated Graphic Fine Art Department of Kursk Pedagogic Institute.

  46. Mykola Zhuravel
    Any information received by our consciousness includes 80% of visual impressions. Few people think of how closely are we surrounded with images, factures and colours.

  47. Matvey Vaisberg
    Kyiv rearguard is a trend in painting to which Vaisberg adjoins and in arising of which he took an active part.

  48. Andriy Bludov
    His works are noticeable page in the book of "Kiev aestheticism" that is written by many gifted artists of his age who are engaged in making objects, viedo-art, drawing, making performances and teaching.

  49. Vladyslav Shereshevskyi

  50. Marko Geyko
    Marko Geyko is related with that direction in art which, as A.B.Oliva said, "does not want to deny itself the joy of materiality". His method accumulated the various painting experience of 20th century. The solution for modern society problems, on his thought, is concentration of mind and spirit efforts each of us. In his own case it demonstrates his strained, full of hidden dramatism, compositions.

  51. Temo Svirely
    The manifestation of t he world has always interested me as a person, and as an artist. Ive never wanted to offer anything as my personal achievement. That seems to me to be a pointless exercise , as the concept personally mine does nt even exist, or if it does, only as a display of ego and total self-deception..."

  52. Sergiy Hai
    Born in 1959 in Lviv where currently lives and works. Graduated from Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art in 1986.

  53. Lev Markosyan
    "Our task is to embody in ourselves this transient, temporal earth so deeply, passionately, and with so much agony as to have its essence arise 'invisibly' inside us."

  54. Akhra Ajinjal
    Born in 1962 in Abkhazia. In 1982 graduated Sukhumy Art College. Since 1982 till 1987 had been studying at Moscow State University at Department of History (specialization Art History).