Andre Chehowski Oleg Pinchuk
Vladimir Filatov Vyacheslav Popov
Svitlana Karuns'ka Michael Vertuozov
Victor Konoval


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"“My sculptural process is an effort to create works that touch the human spirit... The imagination has no limit.”


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This sculptor is wonderful, he looks like nobody else. He subconsciously sets himself the most difficult tasks. Sometimes they seem to be unrealistic tasks.

He is courageous to make a decision to create in plastic the famous historical persons. They have been created many times, but he gives them his own interpretation.

He tries to abandon the postsoviet esthetic traditions of art. And it gives a hope for the continuation of Christian traditions - kindness, freedom of conscience and feelings.



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V. Konoval. Sensation of the space (1997). Today it is hard for an artist to resist the temptation of imitation, having before the eyes the exhaustive variety of world plastic tradition. Good knowledge of the material, pliability, elasticity, ductility and plasticity of the bronze gives the author new means for creative expression.

Sculptor mass, contour, silhouette, clear space, active internal microspace all serve the main purpose to join organically and naturally the volume-image with the surroundings.

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O. Pinchuk. Confession of Cosmopolitans (1989).

In his hands dead metal comes alive, giving the creator an inexhaustible source of self expression, prompting the viewer to inwardly participate in the creative process.

"All my characters are transformed reflections of the real world. I seek my images in the subconscious. I create precisely the way I feel. I work in a constant state of meditation".

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