Igor Gayday
Igor Kiriak
Andriy Kotlyarchuk


"I accept the world more through the photography than through the eyes.."

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"..These are my observations and attempts to feel the outside world. Watching the water drop on the flower's stem, I found out for myself that photography is the most interesting way to study the life.

The photography is my philosophy. I want to get closer to the real live".


I. Kiriak. Exercise (1998).

Multi-figure romantic compositions with naked models, still lives, landscapes, advertising and model photography.

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"To do your works better than they expect you would do.."

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"..I enjoy making pictures of fractal things. The play of light and shadow, deep colors catch the eye like a magnet.

I dream to get a trip from New York to Los Angeles on the car with a 8x10" camera and a beautiful girl and then to publish an album with a European view on the New World".  


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