Andriy Chebykin Vitaly Shostya
Ivan Kirichenko Oksana Stratiychuk
Olga Lyuba Olena Yakovleva
Volodimir Lyubiy Ihor Yaremchuk



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Ivan Kirichenko is  never scared to experiment with his works, but alongside with it he never loses his creative image.

You can easily recognize his works because  the author's own particular style and personality are expressed in them brightly.


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"Two worlds and two harmonies interlacing penetrate one another: the world of real shapes and feelings harmony, and ornamental-movable like a kaleidoscope the harmony of world of my fantasies and associations".



Click the image for Volodimir Lyubiy's Personal page "The object of attention of my creative work is abstract conceptions or sensations, but not their real manifestations or incarnations. My works have no real reflections or photos.

This is an attempt to find my personal imagecreation, illustration, to represent in reality something abstract.

Therefore I call the direction of my movement in the art as "concrete abstraction".



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Oksana Stratiychuk is the artist whose works are characterized by deep emotions hidden behind outward decorativeness of the images.

She brings water-color drawing on works produced in etching technique. This gives   etching unusual saturation of colors.

Oksana produces her compositions in such manner that you may have an impression that her characters transfer from one sheet to another.



Olena Yakovleva's Personal page

"An artist is an artist because he cannot be anything else. All the true things are created if they have to be created.
Only the moment of creation itself is left outside the boundaries of logic, for as it is said, "When it is known beforehand what and how you will do, then there is no need to do this".




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"I don't regard my works as the reflections of reality. They are rather a reality of visual reflection, a vibration of the time  we live in".


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