Petro Lebedynets

1A Kvitnevy Lane, #68
Kyiv, 252108 Ukraine
tel. +(380 44) 460 0019 (h)
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Petro Lebedynets was born in Ukraine in 1956.
Graduated from Kiev State Academy of Arts in 1984.
He is the Member of the Artists Union of Ukraine.

Works are in private collections of Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Austria, France, Holland.


1996 - Diploma of the Honorary Prize of the Arts Competitions dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Organization. Representative office of UNO in Ukraine.

Honorary prize Jury of "Salon   International d'Art Contemporaine". Nice, France 1996.

Petro Lebedynets. "Vicious Circle".

"Vicious Circle" 1997
oil, canvas
100 x 90




  • "Prientemps d'Ukraine a Paris". Gallery Robin Leadouze, Paris, France.
  • International Art Festival. Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • "Kunst der Neuen Ukraine". Bonn,  Germany.
  • "Salo Internacional d'Artistes Contemporanis Independents" EUROART '97. Barcelona, Spain.


  • Arts Competition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Organization. Kyiv, Representative office of UNO in Ukraine.
  • International Art Festival "Ukrainian Classical Avant-Garde and Modern Arts". The Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • "New Space". Gallery of Kyiv Association of Artists, Kyiv.
  • "Maison de la Musique de Fayence". Villa Brawne, Bergemon, France. Project "Et caetera. Open space".
  • "Et caetera + OSPi". Representation of the Hanns Seidel Fund in Ukraine, Kyiv.
  • "Salon international d'Art Contemporaine". Exhibition Palace, Nice, France (catalogue).
  • "Et caetera". Foundation Renaissance. International Academy of Environment, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Bevza, Lebedynets, Lytvynenko. "Et caetera". National museum of Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine (catalogue).
  • "Etc.." Exhibition Hall Stadthaus, Mannheim, Germany.
  • "Culture and City. Autumn Opening day". Kyiv City Gallery of Arts "Lavra". Kyiv, Ukraine (catalogue).

"The Contemporary Painting of Ukraine". Brussels, Belgium.

  • "L'art en Ukraine". Presentation of Ukrainian Fine Art of the XX century. Museum of Augustinists, Toulouse, France.
  • The Exhibition of Russian and Ukrainian Artists. Hoffheim, Germany.

The Exhibition of Ukrainian and Polish Artists. Conin, Poland.


The Exhibition of Kiev and Moscow Artists. Frankfurt, Germany.

Personal exhibitions:
1996 "Irena" Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1995 "Irena" Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1992 The International Renaissance Fondation. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1991 The Sense Collection. Kyiv, Ukraine.


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