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Alexander Klimenko was born in 1963, lives in Kiev.

Every artist first of all needs creative energy. Alexander Klimenko is lucky to possess this gift. Following the ancient oriental image of "wind and flow" he expressed himself in different kinds of art.

Alexander Klimenko is one of the most bright and prospective artists in Contemporary Art of Ukraine. He made himself noticed when studied at the Arts Academy. Shortly after that his paintings appeared in big exhibitions of the former USSR. His first works, huge neofigurative compositions such as "Fountain of Silence", «Eternal talk about Love», are marked with maturity of postmodern vision.

The artist is invited to take part in representative exhibitions in Germany, France, Sweden. His works are in prestigious collections. The National exhibition "Ukrainian Art of XX century" was especially important for the artist's coming. His works were exhibited along with the avant-garde classicists - Bohomasov, Arkhipenko, Malevich.

In l990's Alexander Klimenko took part in the legendary "Commune de Paris", which united radical artists, leaders of Contemporary Ukrainian Art. Having participated in numerous elite exhibitions, Alexander Klimenko supervised "Mon Plaisir" project, and was a participant of a scandal installation "Space of Cultural Revolution".

In 1993-1996 Alexander Klimenko abandons exhibition activity and plunges into oriental esocentric ideas and contemporary philosophy, writes essays on culture. The Bodriyar «Virtual reality» concept and traditionalism of Rene Genaun are close to the artist. They are reflected in his works such as «Bells of Lao", «Lips of words Ave» and the others. In 1996 Alexander Klimenko together with Lyapin held «Art Vision» - a big project patronized by the National Arts Museum.

In spite of his European mind, Alexander Klimenko is no doubt a self-sufficient Ukrainian artist. What is clearly seen in his works "Moon Rider", "Silence Fountain", "Flower of Knowledge".

Changing styles and genres Alexander Klimenko has a rare gift of foreseeing new trends in art, he always remains new and original. In his works you will clearly feel powerful energy of archetypal tectonic of Euro-Asian cultural space from contemp1ation of German romanticism to Japanese- refinement grace of images. Following the maxim "Light from the East" he is especially receptive to invigorating energy of the ancient cultures. His works are full of moonlight magic power.

Alexander Klimenko is one of the most refined artists. His paintings give us deep and profound perception.

A. Klimenko. Lao Bells.

"Lao Bells"


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