Olexander Dubovyk


Born in Kyiv in 1931.

1951 - finished Kyiv Art School.

1957 - graduated from Kyiv State Art Institute.

1959-1962 - was a professor of the Kyiv School of applied

1962-1965 - finished the post-graduate course of the Academy of Arts of the USSR.

Since 1958 - a member of the Artists Union of Ukraine.

Since 1957 - participated in a large number of regional and foreign exhibitions.

Dubovyk's painting works are stored at:

  • Ukrainian National Museum of Fine Arts. Kyiv, Ukraine;
  • Russian Museum. Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
  • Tretiakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia;
  • Collection of Zimmerli Art Museum. New Jersey, USA;
  • Academy of Arts. Moscow, Russia;
  • MARS Gallery. Moscow, Russia;
  • A number of Ukrainian museums.

Works of the painter are stored also in private collections of Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, USA, Canada, France, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland.

Dubovyk has created a large number of monumental works in the technique of mosaics, gobelin, glass lead. Has published theoretical works.

Olexander Dubovyk. Duel.

oil, canvas


Personal exhibitions


  • "Irena" Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Institut Francais d'Ukraine. Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art. Chicago, USA..
  • Gallery of Alla Rogers. Washington, USA.


  • Alipij Gallery, The Ukrainian House center. Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Franco-Russian House, Berrles-Alpes. Nice, France.


Franco-Russian House, Berrles- Alpes. Nice, France.


  • "Brama" Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Municipal Hall La-Bazar. Saint-Etienne, France.


  • Cocotie Gallery. Saint-Etienne, France.
  • Beamtenbank. Koln, Germany.
  • Embassy of France. Kyiv, Ukraine.


  • Gewolbe Gallery. Tubingen, Germany.
  • National Museum of Fine Arts. Kyiv, Ukraine.


  • House of Foreign Relations. Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Cultural center of the USSR. Belgrade, Yugoslavia.


  • Exhibition Hall of the Artists Union of the USSR. Moscow, Russia.
  • Weiner Gallery. Munich, Germany.


Exhibition Hall of the Artists Union of Ukraine. Kyiv, Ukraine.


Architects Union of Ukraine. Kyiv, Ukraine.


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