Andriy Chebykin

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Was born in 1946 in Gaisyn, Vinnitsa Region, Ukraine.

1970 - graduated from Kiev Institute of Fine Arts with the specialization in Graphic Arts.

Since 1970 - a teacher of Kiev Institute of Fine Arts.

Since 1980 - Pro-rector on Science of Kiev Institute of Fine Arts.

Since 1985 - Professor of Kiev Institute of Fine Arts.

1987-1989 - Head of Kiev Artists Union.

Since 1989 - Rector of Kiev Institute of Fine Arts (Ukrainian Academy of Fine Arts).

Since 1996 - the President of the Art Academy of Ukraine.

Since 1973 - the Member of the Artists Union of Ukraine.
Andriy Chebykin. Naked With The Hands Up. Naked With The Hands Up.
paper, sepia
63 x 49 cm


Creative way
Andriy Chebykin is the People's Artist of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Professor of Ukrainian Academy of Fine Arts.

Remarkable Ukrainian graphic artist, participant of many Ukrainian and foreign exhibitions, Chebykin has created the famous school of print and graphic technique of etching, having a studio of free graphic for 27 years.

He is the author of the book "Etching Technique" for art institutions and schools. Many students taught by A. Chebykin became famous artists, winners of many exhibitions, competitions, received honorary titles in Ukraine.

Chebykin works at easel and book graphic, monumental art.

The most famous works of him: graphic series "Obradove Village", "Soldiers Week-days", "Space Etchings", "Universe", "Space-Earth", illustrations to the literary works by I.Franko, V.Grabovsky, G.Chubach, B. Oliynyk, series of tapestry for interior of Donetsk 0pera and Ballet Theatre, series of easel drawings and water-colors.

The works are kept in the National Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv), in other museums of Ukraine, State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia) and private collections of Ukraine, Russia and many other countries.


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